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VRSTL Studios
2 min readMar 27, 2022

We were some of the first digital products consumers. Having played tons of video games like League of Legends, Runescape, Fortnite and World of Warcraft, we confer value to exclusive digital skins and items.

VRSTL (Pronounced: Versatile)
Definition: “having varied uses or serving many functions”.

VRSTL’s three core members have evolved alongside the rise of digital fashion. They have observed what works and what doesn’t from the very best in this emergent industry, since its first steps.

VRSTL believes the IC is currently the only blockchain capable of delivering complete, full stack metaverse experiences. We believe the IC will unlock new use cases for NFTs. These use cases range from visual proofs of authenticity to cross-chain NFT interoperability.

IC1101’s pre-alpha metaverse

We believe a community with a homogeneous vision is the lifeblood of a successful project 💪

VRSTL NFTs have a clear value proposition: provide high quality, metaverse-ready wearables to its community. We will produce high-impact promotional media around our products that have worldwide appeal. These will be distributed over the IC’s various burgeoning platforms and legacy social platforms.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you”
Steve Martin

Our main collections will benefit from VRSTL’s growth by unlocking new utilities over time. These utilities range from airdrops to unlockable content within ICP’s metaverses. The brand’s growth will allow us to attract high profile artists to the IC. We want to give rise to the IC’s creative communities by selecting talented digital creators and giving them visibility through our brand.

VRSTL’s first collection, “Dragon Boots” by @Metadahn

What’s next for VRSTL?

Our first collection will allow us to seek new partnerships and collaborations within the Internet Computer’s ecosystem. We will ALWAYS prioritize our brand’s reputation over quick visibility boosts and low-quality partnerships. We will scale our team and expedite production on our upcoming collections. We prefer staying flexible on future opportunities and developments for VRSTL rather than limiting ourselves to a single objective.

-VRSTL ✌️👽



VRSTL Studios

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